Types of Pergolas

Pergolas have long been cherished for their ability to enhance outdoor spaces with beauty, functionality, and charm. These versatile structures come in various shapes, sizes, and materials, offering homeowners endless possibilities for creating inviting outdoor retreats. 

Let’s explore the diverse world of pergolas and discover the perfect type for your needs.

Types of Pergolas:

  • Traditional Wood Pergolas:
    • Crafted from sturdy timber such as cedar, redwood, or pine, traditional wood pergolas exude timeless elegance and rustic appeal. Their classic design features open-slatted roofs supported by vertical posts, providing partial shade while allowing sunlight to filter through.
    • KJA&SONS offers exquisite traditional wood pergolas tailored to individual specifications. Our craftsmanship and attention to detail ensure lasting beauty and durability.
  • Metal Pergolas:
    • Often constructed from aluminium or steel, boasts sleek lines and modern aesthetics. These durable structures require minimal maintenance and are resistant to rot, decay, and insect infestations.
    • KJA&SONS showcases a stunning range of metal pergolas, expertly crafted to withstand the elements while enhancing outdoor living spaces with contemporary flair.
  • Vinyl Pergolas:
    • Because of its low maintenance and weather-resistant properties, vinyl has become a popular choice for pergolas.
    • Easy-care and elegant, premium vinyl pergolas bring style and durability to your outdoor living space.

Rectractable and Attached

  • Retractable Pergolas:
    • Retractable feature adjustable roofs that can be opened or closed to control sunlight, shade, and airflow. This versatility allows for year-round enjoyment of outdoor spaces, regardless of the weather.
    • KJA&SONS specializes in custom retractable pergolas, incorporating innovative design elements and motorized systems for effortless operation and maximum comfort.
  • Attached Pergolas:
    • Attached are seamlessly integrated with existing structures such as homes, decks, or patios, providing architectural continuity and enhancing outdoor living areas. These pergolas can serve as extensions of indoor spaces, blurring the boundaries between inside and out.
    • KJA&SONS offers expert design and installation services for attached pergolas, ensuring seamless integration and cohesive aesthetics that complement the surrounding environment.
  • Freestanding Pergolas:
    • Freestanding structures serve as focal points and define zones in outdoor spaces.
    • Featuring both durable construction and customizable options, this freestanding collection empowers homeowners to design their dream outdoor escapes.

Here are some key benefits of Pergola

  • Shade and Protection:
    • One of the primary benefits is their ability to provide shade and protection from the elements. With an open-slatted roof design, pergolas offer partial shade while still allowing sunlight to filter through, creating a comfortable outdoor retreat.
    • During hot summer months, pergolas can significantly reduce the temperature in outdoor spaces, making them ideal for relaxing, dining, or entertaining without worrying about sunburn or overheating.
  • Enhances Outdoor Living:
    • Pergolas serve as extensions of indoor living spaces, blurring the lines between inside and out. By creating a designated area for outdoor activities such as dining, lounging, or socializing, pergolas encourage people to spend more time outdoors, enjoying fresh air and natural surroundings.
    • Whether attached to a home or freestanding in the landscape, pergolas add character and charm to outdoor living areas, transforming them into inviting retreats for family and friends to gather and unwind.

Design And Value

  • Adds Value to Property:
    • Installing it boosts property value through aesthetics and function. Homebuyers are often attracted to homes with well-designed outdoor living spaces, including pergolas, which can help differentiate a property in the real estate market.
    • Additionally, pergolas are considered permanent structures that add value to a property over time, making them a worthwhile investment for homeowners looking to improve their home’s resale potential.
  • Versatility in Design:
    • Pergolas come in a variety of styles, materials, and configurations, allowing homeowners to customise them to suit their preferences and needs. Whether you prefer the rustic charm of wood, the modern aesthetics of metal, or the low maintenance of vinyl, there’s a pergola design to complement any outdoor environment.
    • With options for attached or freestanding pergolas, as well as retractable roofs and decorative elements such as lattice panels and climbing plants, the design possibilities are endless, ensuring that each pergola is a unique expression of its owner’s style and personality.
  • Supports Climbing Plants:
    • Pergolas provide a perfect framework for climbing plants such as vines, roses, or wisteria, adding natural beauty and greenery to outdoor spaces. As plants climb the pergola, they also create a beautiful living canopy for shade and privacy.
    • Pergolas, adorned with climbing plants, seamlessly blend architecture with nature, creating peaceful garden escapes that captivate the senses and calm the spirit.
Types of Pergolas


Pergolas come in a myriad of styles, materials, and configurations, offering endless possibilities for enhancing outdoor living spaces. Whether you prefer the rustic charm of wood, the contemporary allure of metal, or the low maintenance of vinyl, there’s a pergola type to suit every taste and requirement. With expert craftsmanship and attention to detail, KJA&SONS continue to elevate outdoor living experiences, providing homeowners with beautiful and functional pergola solutions that stand the test of time.