Neolysis System

Neolysis System 2: The Future of Pool Water Treatment

In the realm of pool maintenance and water treatment, innovation continues to reshape the industry.

Neolysis 2, the latest advancement in pool water treatment technology, has taken the market by storm with its exclusive hybrid UV and saltwater treatment system, offering a level of control and connectivity never seen before.

Hybrid Disinfection: A Breakthrough Approach

Neolysis 2 is built on the foundation of hybrid disinfection, combining the power of UV (Ultraviolet) and electrolysis to deliver unparalleled water quality.

UV treatment is known for its ability to destroy bacteria, viruses, and other pathogens, making the pool water safer for swimmers.

On the other hand, electrolysis leverages the power of salt water to produce chlorine on-site, effectively sanitizing the pool. By fusing these two technologies, Neolysis 2 offers a comprehensive solution for water treatment.

UV Treatment: Maximum Pathogen Elimination

The UV component of Neolysis 2 is a game-changer. It effectively neutralizes microorganisms by exposing the water to high-intensity UV rays.

Unlike traditional methods, UV treatment doesn’t introduce any chemicals into the pool, ensuring a more natural swimming experience.

This UV disinfection guarantees the water remains free from harmful pathogens, making it an ideal choice for health-conscious pool owners.

Electrolysis: On-Demand Chlorine Generation

One of the standout features of Neolysis 2 is its electrolysis system. By using common salt, this system generates chlorine in the water, thus eliminating the need for manual chlorination.

This not only simplifies pool maintenance but also ensures a steady supply of chlorine for disinfection. This sustainable approach reduces the need for chemical storage and handling, contributing to a safer and eco-friendly pool environment.

Total Pool Control: Customized Maintenance

Neolysis 2 doesn’t stop at advanced disinfection. It offers total control over your pool’s water quality.

Thanks to integrated connectivity, you can monitor and adjust water parameters remotely, ensuring the perfect pool conditions at all times.

Whether you’re at home or on the go, you can manage your pool with ease through a dedicated app, making pool maintenance hassle-free.

The Neolysis 2 Experience

Neolysis 2 sets a new standard in pool water treatment. Combining UV and electrolysis, not only ensures crystal-clear and pathogen-free water but also simplifies maintenance with on-demand chlorine production.

The integrated connectivity provides real-time monitoring and control, putting the power of pool management at your fingertips.

What is a Neolysis System

In a world where health and sustainability are paramount, Neolysis 2 is a remarkable addition to any pool owner’s toolkit.

Say goodbye to the hassle of traditional pool maintenance and welcome the future of pool water treatment with Neolysis 2. Dive in and experience the difference for yourself.

Your pool has never been this safe, clean, and easy to manage.