Sports Floorings

We offer a wide range of sports flooring solutions with time-proven technologies and materials to build a durable and long-lasting sports flooring.

With full knowledge and expert understanding of the different materials used for sports surface construction, we are able to give expert advice on the unique characteristics of the materials specified by our clients, especially for its durability and performance.

Sports Floorings

Different types of Sports Flooring

  • PU Synthetic Flooring —  It is used for converting existing outdoor cemented courts into cushioned synthetic courts. PU synthetic flooring is mainly used for basketball, tennis, volleyball, badminton, etc. PU cushioned court is not only durable and long-lasting but also offers shock absorption equivalent to wood.
  • PP- Polypropylene Flooring — It is used for garage floor tiles due to its durability and high load rating. It has excellent resistance to chemicals, leaking oil, salt in wintertime, and to water. This makes both materials i.e PVC & PP appropriate for usage in garages and service garages.
  • Acrylic Sports Flooring — Acrylic floors are used in areas with high humidity and mechanical stress, eg. in dining rooms, industries, shopping centres, etc. They can be used in areas where a strong, textured and non-slip surface is required like a laboratory, subway platforms, footpaths, etc. The best thing about good acrylic flooring is that they are very easy to clean with water and maintain.
  • Maple Wood Flooring — Maple is mostly used in gyms and sports floors. Maple hardwood flooring is a dense and durable product with excellent resistance to scratches and indentations.  Maple’s high shock resistance nature makes it able to sustain heavy wear and tear. And this is the reason why maple is also the wood of choice for sports floors. The bouncing back ability of the floor helps to reduce damage and fatigue in the athletes’ joints. Its shock resistance attribute also contributes to the bounce of the ball, which is an important concern when installing multipurpose sports floors. Maple hardwood flooring is very easy to maintain.
  • PVC Sports Flooring — Vinyl flooring is known for perfectly absorbing sound. PVC is flexible and soft. The tiles adapt to the floor shape quickly. They are used in supermarket stores, gyms, hospitals, doctors’ offices, and dining facilities because of their softness and durability.
  • EPDM Synthetic Rubber Running Tracks — PDM running tracks are created by a multi-layered sandwich of Polyurethane, SBR and Polyurethane. The base layer consists of two-component polyurethane, followed by SBR rubber, a middle layer of two-component polyurethane/SBR, and a top layer of flow-applied polyurethane. Finally, the track is broadcast with EPDM rubber. The result is a durable, resilient, energy-absorbing, all-weather surface – resistant to UV degradation, abrasion, shrinkage, mould and most common oils, and chemicals.

We can work out the cost of making sports flooring within the shortest time frame and deliver the projects on time.

Also, we are well-versed with all the various sports disciplines and work strictly in compliance with the rules and regulations set out by international sports bodies. There are many other flooring options available to us, get in touch with us to know more.

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