The Blueprint


Conceptual Design :

Create initial design concepts and sketches to explore different ideas and arrangements. Discuss concepts with the design team and make necessary changes based on feedback.


Design Evolution:

Create detailed drawings that show floor plans, elevations, and site plans. Also includes the structural, mechanical, electrical, and plumbing systems.


Construction Documents :

Create detailed construction documents that serve as the project’s blueprints. These should include architectural, structural, mechanical, electrical, and plumbing drawings.

From Concept to Construction: Working Drawings

Working drawings, also known as construction drawings or blueprints, are a set of detailed technical documents created by architects, engineers, and designers.

To communicate the specifics of a construction or architectural project.

These drawings serve as a comprehensive guide for contractors, builders, and other professionals involved in the construction process.

Working drawings are the lifeline of any construction project, guiding architects, engineers, and builders towards a shared vision of the final product.

Effective communication, collaboration, and attention to detail are essential throughout the process of creating working drawings to ensure that the construction phase proceeds smoothly and according to the design intent.

Building Materials Quantity Calculators

Building Materials & Quantity Calculators

In the realm of construction, DIY projects, and countless other fields, precise quantity calculations are the cornerstone of successful planning and execution. Whether you’re estimating materials for a home renovation, determining concrete volumes for a construction project, or simply trying to manage your finances, having access to accurate quantity calculators can make all the difference. … Read more
RCC Quantity Calculator

RCC Quantity Calculator

RCC Calculator can be used to calculate the required quantities of Cement, Sand and Crushed Stones during the casting of beams, slabs and columns. This tool is designed to assist both professionals and DIY enthusiasts in determining the exact amount of materials needed for various concrete construction projects. The RCC Calculator works by considering the … Read more
PCC Calculator For Concreting Work

PCC Calculator For Concreting Work

PCC Calculator can be used to calculate the required quantities of cement, sand and crushed stones during casting of beams, slabs and columns. This calculator is useful for civil engineers, architects, and construction professionals who are involved in the planning and execution of concrete-related tasks. It works as per the defined ratio of cement, sand, … Read more
Plastering Cement Sand Calculator

Plastering Cement Sand Calculator

A Plastering Calculator can be used to calculate the required quantities of Cement and Sand for plastering brick or block works. Input the thickness of plastering and the dimensions of the area required to plaster the quantities can be calculated easily.   PLASTERING Feet Meter LENGTH LENGTH HEIGHT HEIGHT Calculate CALCULATION RESULT TYPE 12mm THICK … Read more
Brick Work Calculator

Brick Work Calculator

Welcome to our one-stop solution for calculating the number of Bricks and other consumables required for your Brickwork! At KJASONS, we understand the importance of precise calculations to avoid unnecessary expenses and the wastage of materials. Our user-friendly web page is designed to simplify the process for you, making it effortless to estimate the approximate … Read more
Wood Quantity Calculator

Wood Quantity Calculator

A wood Quantity Calculator can be used to calculate the required quantities of wood for woodwork. HTML Output Tag FEET METERS WOOD TYPE 1 – Soft Wood2 – Hard Wood3 – Other Types Of Wood Length Breadth Depth REQUIRED WOOD QUANTITY QUANTITY (IN CUBIC FEET) QUANTITY (IN CUBIC METER )